This is a website to record what I ate during my low carb diet days.

One sweet a day. I decided it’s my rule to follow. If this is the rule, it’s not a cheat, right?

Not to feel guilty, I select a sweet which contains lower than 30 gram of carbohydrate. However, it a sweet which is too fascinated to avoid, then there is a possibility that I might buy one, I don’t know.

So far, I keep my body fat percentage lower than 8%. That means there is no evidence that my rule above effect badly to my body. I guess.

And I have lactose intolerance symptoms which I found when I watched Big Bang Theory Episode 1 in 2019. Oh, the symptoms that Leonard has is exactly the same as mine! That is what I thought. So, I try to choose sweets which do not use much lactose. But, from my experience, cheese and whip cream do not really have bad effect for my stomach, so I often choose cheese cake or any other sweets which contains some whip cream.

Actually, It’s hard to find there is no lactose.

Anyway, one sweet a day is not a cheat. It’s my duty.

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